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Videos, Korea, Online Narcotics

As we probably all know from watching ‘Digital Nation’ and paying (some) attention, South Korea seems to have a serious problem with internet nuts. Inter-nuts? Anyone so ‘addicted’ as to be unable to leave a computer for a single day without pangs of agony needs, in my opinion, to grow up — I’m an avid geek and lover of computers and technology in general, but I can go without for a while without being too bugged.

It’s annoying to go without the usual luxuries, yes, but perhaps their ‘addiction’ rates are stemming from an underlying cultural thread that originated with a specific historical event? I can’t reasonably point it out due to a lack of knowledge about South Korea’s past, but Japan changed a lot after World War II… It might be a similar phenomenon here.


Oh, what the heck…

Here, have a free laugh. Pizza goes well with gaming consoles; also, don’t get between a guy and his games. It’s not worth it.

Experiments in Embedded Content

How hard can it possibly be to embed a simple Youtube video? Well, let’s find out…
Well, that’s nice: Youtube made it easy and the HTML mode let it all work out just right. Nice! I think the same will go for Blogger on this count.

Only complaint here: Add Media –> Video actually just generated a link, rather than embedding the video properly. That’s annoying.

Themes & Layouts

Themes are a nice little touch — I just found how to change ’em here in WordPress. The gallery approach is kind of nice: you can see a small picture of it and preview the appearance just a little without actually applying it. Overall, there are a lot of these things: pretty nice. It’s got a neat little one that I’ve just applied and like the looks of it.

I don’t have any issues whatsoever with this approach, save that it can appear a little hidden to begin with. I’ll give this four stars out of five: a little inconvenient but nice overall. It’d be nice if it asked the first time you made a fresh blog.

First Impressions

Unlike Blogger, the sides are cluttered with tools and things irrelevant to a poster’s current activity; I don’t care about the comments I’ve got, and why would I look at ’em when writing a fresh post?

Similarly, I wasn’t prompted for any sort of premade template during the creation of this blog; not being asked what I’d like and instead posting a simple template for me, while simple and confusion-minimizing for some users, is an annoyance: white text on a black background is easier on the eyes.

Also odd is the fact that the edit automatically double-spaces the text when the enter key is pressed; what if I want to do my spacing some other way? Little annoyances.

Similarly problematic is the simple question of where the ‘insert image’ button is. It’s hidden under ‘insert media’ at the top, not obvious at all. Once inserted, it cannot be dragged around or realigned easily, controls don’t pop up automatically, and the word wrap is NOT automatic. At least there’s an HTML-based editor option available for anyone so versed in the simple language.

First impression: Not great. Why so many effing buttons that aren’t relevant to what you’re doing? This site needs a little redesigning in order to be truly easy to use ‘right out of the box.’ As a side note, I had to edit the HTML code to get it to wrap properly. I don’t like that requirement; some people may not be that bright.